Preschool storytime–Bus!


I did a bus themed preschool storytime for the first week of September (sorry I’m a bit late posting!)  Has anyone else noticed that there are a ton of great children’s books coming out lately?  I will be posting on some of my absolute faves soon, but I decided to do this storytime in part because September = school and in part because of the new book “Gus the Dinosaur Bus” by Julia Liu.  And let’s face it–I *will* use any excuse whatsoever to read Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.

Bubbles–Hello Bubbles and One Little, Two Little, Three Little Bubbles

Opening song: We hit our knees together (Mother Goose on the Loose)

Opening rhyme: Two little dickey birds/Open them shut them

gus the dinosaur busBook:  Gus, the Dinosaur Bus, by Julia Liu. (E DINOSAURS LIU) This is the story of Gus, a dinosaur who works as a school bus.  It’s a charming book, and I think the kids were just as taken with the idea of a dino school bus as I was.









seals on the busThe Seals on the Bus, by Lenny Hort and G. Brian Karas. (E TRANSPORTATION HORT).  This is a fun read-aloud because it gives kids the opportunity to identify animals (vocabulary) AND replicate their sounds (phonological awareness).









dont let the pigeon drive the busDon’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems. (E WILLEMS).  I won’t bore you with more praise of Mo Willems.  I (heart) him.  That is all.









Craft: I used this school bus printable to make a school bus craft.  I used the bus shape as a template to cut buses out of yellow construction paper, then I let the kids color, cut, and paste the other shapes.  In this activity I wanted to encourage vocabulary–parents/caregivers talking about the shapes and colors as they work together with the child to make the bus.



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