Fall storytime

I was so excited to do a fall storytime for my preschool, pre-k, and Headstart groups!  I referred back to my trusty Trees and Leaves storytime from last year–I will never get tired of Fall is Not Easy as a flannel story, and “[Yellow] leaves are falling down” is a great, simple song that the kids feel comfortable joining in on.  I even read “Stuck” a few times, just because I (heart) Oliver Jeffers that much.  But I did add some new things to this “fall” storytime, most notably:

tap the magic treeTap the Magic Tree, by Christie Matheson.  (E APPLES MATH)  This beautiful book is as interactive and fun as Press Here by Herve Tullet, one of my faves.  It actually looks like magic to the kids when we read it and the images seem to be responding to our movements.  Books like these are of course amazing one-on-one reads, but don’t discount them for group readalouds.  Trust me that it doesn’t bother the kids one bit that they can’t do the pressing/patting/whathaveyou–there are plenty of other opportunities for interacting with the book (wiggle fingers, blow a kiss).  This one works very will with a conversation about the four seasons, because you can see the tree as it goes through them.  There is also a tie-in with apples, so this would also work well for an apple storytime.






leaf blew inWhen the Leaf Blew In, by Steve Metzger and Kellie Lewis. (E FARM ANIMALS METZ).  I used my cow puppet and a leaf to introduce this book.  First, I showed a leaf and said that I noticed something was happening outside (getting cooler, leaves changing colors).  We talked about fall and how the leaves “fall” off the trees after they change color, then the wind blows them around.  I pretended like my leaf flew near Camilla and she sneezed a really big sneeze!  This is a really cute book with a progressive story line and clear illustrations that allow kids to predict what will happen next.






leavesLeaves, by David Ezra Stein.  (E FALL STEI).  This is another good story for the seasons.  Bear is having a great time–until all of the leaves start falling down.  Bear tries to catch them and stick them back on, but it’s just not the same.  Then, Bear gets sleepy–when he wakes up, he is in for a wonderful surprise!  Beautiful illustrations and a short and sweet, soothing story.








For my preschool storytimes, I pulled out some felt leaves in brown, orange, yellow, and red and we played with them during the storytime.  When we sang the “Leaves are falling” song, we looked for the different colored leaves.


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