Water bottle bling bling


Source: Caroline Blakemore and Barbara Weston Ramirez, Baby Read-Aloud Basics.  Amacom.  (2006).

I was recently re-reading this excellent book, and I came across some wonderful resources in the back that I hadn’t noticed before.  The authors plead with parents not to resort to television to entertain children under age two, and give some great activity ideas starting on page 180.  Water bottle bling bling is one of those ideas that I just love.  The slow, soothing movement of the glitter will be mesmerizing for a babies and adults alike!


water or soda bottles (I used 8 oz. kid-sized water bottles)

food coloring (remember that you can combine colors to make each one unique)

light corn syrup

glitter, metallic confetti, other small objects


Elmer’s glue

packing or duct tape (optional)


1.  Make sure your bottles are clean and that the labels have been completely removed.  You may wish to soak them in warm water to help remove the labels.

2.  Fill bottles 3/4 full with corn syrup.

3.  Add 2-4 drops food coloring.  (The food coloring will not spread immediately.  Don’t worry about this, because you will shake everything together to combine it after you add the water.)

4.  Pour in desired amount of glitter, confetti and/or any other small objects.

5.  Pour in water, leaving about 1 inch at the top. Close lid.

6.  Rotate/shake bottle to mix everything together and spread the food coloring.

7.  Apply glue to the mouth of the bottle.  Replace cap and wipe excess glue with towel.

8.  If the glue doesn’t secure the top to your satisfaction, you can use packing tape or duct tape.  For extra blingyness, use brightly colored or patterned duct tape.

Blakemore and Ramirez recommend this activity for babies ages four months to twelve months.  They suggest sitting with your baby and teaching her how to roll the bottles so that the glitter moves.  Also, talk about the colors and whatever other objects are in the bottle.

I thought that these would work really well as handouts during baby storytime, to give the babies something to play with while they’re listening to the stories.  They would also make great party favors for a first or second birthday party, since there are no removable parts that cause a choking hazard (assuming that the lids are secure).


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