Another water bottle craft attempt :(


So after the success of the water bottle bling bling craft, I thought I would try my hand at some water bottle and rice maracas a la this idea on  For the Fresh Beat Band maracas, they suggest painting the exterior of the water bottle or swirling paint around inside it.  Since I wanted to use mini water bottles and aim it for a younger user (i.e., babies) I decided to put the paint on the inside because babies will likely put the bottles in their mouths.  I also decided to forgo the handles and just secure the tops on the water bottle with tape.

So I started off with empty mini (8 oz) water bottles and acrylic paint.  I poured a little bit of paint in and put the top back on.

Then I swirled.  It wasn’t enough paint, so I kept adding more.

Eventually, albeit with the assistance of a paintbrush and a Q Tip, I got the paint to more or less cover the inside of the bottle.  I was able to paint two bottles with the blue paint and two bottles with the blue.  I had a bit more in each, so I made a red and blue swirl one, too.

I’m really pleased with how they look, but there was just one teensy little problem…the crazy things STILL aren’t dry!  Keep in mind that I started this project almost a week ago!  The thing is, I had to put so much paint inside them to have enough to coat all of the interior, then the rest of it ran down to the bottom, where it refuses to dry.

I tried different approaches to get around this obstacle.  I rigged something up where I suspended them upside down in glasses, and the excess paint drained onto paper towels.  That helped, but today they still weren’t dry.  As a last ditch effort, I tried taking the hair dryer to one of them (on the coolest setting).  But alas, I put the rice in and heard NOTHING.  It stuck to the paint!

I don’t know what I’d recommend to someone who was going to attempt this craft.  Painting the outside would be the easiest, but that would be inappropriate for babies.  I guess you could just put rice inside the bottle and tape up the top.  They probably would enjoy seeing the rice move around as they shake it.  You might even be able to use food coloring on the rice, or mix in different colored beans or something to make it more visually appealing.

Has anyone ever attempted a craft like this?  How did yours work out?



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