We Love Clifford!

Clifford and houseThe Oakland Library got a visit from Clifford the Big Red Dog on Monday!  We had a great time!  We did a storytime first, then we called for Clifford and he came out for a visit and photos!









Opening rhyme:  This is Big, Big, Big (Mel’s Desk)

photoFlannelboard:  Clifford, Clifford, where is your bone?  Clifford LOVES dog bones, but his is missing!  We looked behind each dog house to see if we could find it.  “Clifford, Clifford, where is your bone?  Did someone put it in your [green] home?”  Behind the green doghouse was a plant.  Can Clifford eat that?  No!  It’s yucky, and it might hurt him!  Finally we found the bone behind the white doghouse!







Book: Clifford the Big Red Dog, by Norman Bridwell

007Flannelboard Song: BINGO








Book:  Clifford Goes to Dog School, by Norman Bridwell

Game:  Obedience School/Clifford Says.  We played this like Simon Says, but acting like dogs–Clifford said to bark and wag our tails!

Since Clifford has been to obedience school before, he came right away when we called him!  He loved posing with the doghouse that we made for him!  (see picture above).  We took turns visiting with Clifford and making our craft:

Clifford craft







Clifford maskThis Clifford mask is a paper plate with the middle cut out.  My wonderful teen volunteer helped me by cutting the middles out of paper plates, as well as cutting out ears and noses ahead of time.  This was a huge timesaver, which was great because this event was very well attended!  The kids were invited to choose a color for their paper plate and glue on the ears and nose.  I got the idea for using a paper plate here.






4 thoughts on “We Love Clifford!

  1. Hello Erin, I’m writing a blog post for Jbrary for next week and I’m wondering if I can include the picture of your Clifford felt game (with a link back to you of course!). Would this be okay?

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