Rubber Ducky Club #3–Princesses and Dragons

The early literacy skill we focused on this week was phonological awareness.  Phonological awareness is the ability to hear and play with the smaller sounds in words.  This helps children sound out words as they begin to read.  This week we read rhyming books, sang songs, and recited rhymes to promote phonological awareness.






Opening Song: We hit our knees together

Opening Rhyme:  Good Morning Princess Perky Bird (usually it’s Mrs. Perky Bird, but she was feeling royal with her Dixie cup crown, so I changed the words accordingly).







Opening Game:  I put the crown up first, and the kids guessed that it needed jewels.  I held up each “jewel” and we talked about the shape and color as we put it on the crown.  Then we counted how many jewels the crown had.






BookLullabyhullaballoo, by Mick Inkpen.  This book was a hit!  It has rhyming text and plenty of opportunities for participation.  The princess wants to go to sleep but there is too much noise going on outside the castle!  What shall we do?  We’ll tell them to SSSHHHH, that’s what we’ll do!  The kids LOVED shushing at the appropriate times.






Fingerplay:  Here is baby ready for her nap (given our royal theme, I replaced “baby ” with “princess” the first time around, and the second time we did it, I said “prince”)

Rhyme:  Jack and Jill

Rhyme:  Humpty Dumpty (When I do this in our Mother Goose on the Loose storytimes, I have each child come up and knock Humpty Dumpty down off the wall.  I didn’t do it this time because I was using a smaller flannelboard, though).






BookOne Drowsy Dragon, by Ethan Long.  This is a very cute counting book with rhyming text.  The dragon is ready to go to sleep, but his friends are still active.







Activity:  Rum Pum Pum (with toy drum).  This is an activity from Mother Goose on the Loose.  I have a toy drum and I beat the syllables “Rum Pum Pum this is my drum.  Rum Pum Pum this is my drum.  My name is Erin, what’s your name?”  Then we go around and have the kids beat the syllables of their name on the drum.  This is good for phonological awareness because it breaks their name up into smaller sounds.  Plus, they just really love that drum!

Rhyme Cube:  We got “Wheels on the Bus” again!

Closing Rhyme:  This is Big, Big, Big

Closing Song:  Can you stomp with two feet?

Craft: paper plate crown with shape jewels.  I laid out crayons, safety scissors, and glue sticks.  I cut the center of each paper plate into 8 sections and ran off a worksheet that had shapes with their names on them.  The kids colored the crowns and the jewels and glued the jewels on with glue sticks.  They were very cute and easy to do!  P.S. having the names on the shapes promotes print awareness!





Join us for Rubber Ducky Club!  June 25, July 9 and July 16 at 10:00 a.m. at the Leesburg Library!  Sponsored by the Lee County Library, free and open to the public.  For more information call 759-2369.


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