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Getting dressed storytime


Last week we talked about clothes and getting dressed in my preschool, pre-k, and Book Buddies storytimes.

Bubbles: Hello Bubbles and 1 little 2 little 3 little bubbles

Opening song: We hit our knees together

Opening rhyme: Two little dickey birds/Open them, shut them

Letter of the day: P (pajamas, pants, pink)


pollys pink pjsPolly’s Pink Pajamas, by Vivian French and Sue Heap.  (E HUMOR FREN).  I made sure to emphasize the “P” sounds while reading this one aloud.









ella sarahElla Sarah Gets Dressed, by Margaret Chodos-Irvine (E SELF CHOD).










jesse bearJesse Bear, What Will You Wear? by Nancy White Carlstrom and Bruce Degen (E BEARS CARL)  Pre-K especially loved identifying the rhyming words in this book.  They thought it was hilarious when I asked them if they wore their “pants that dance” today.  Heeheehee…  Look here for a cute paper doll activity to go with this book.










joseph had a little overcoatJoseph had a Little Overcoat, by Simms Taback.  (E FOLK TALES TABA).  There is a fold and tell version of the story here.











One Two Buckle My Shoe (This one has hand motions)

Hat and shirt, pants and shoes (to the tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes).  We started slowly and got faster and faster!

Closing game:  Rhyme cube

Closing Rhyme:  This is big

Closing song: My hands say thank you



bearsI have a bunch of stuffed bears and a bunch of assorted Build a Bear Workshop clothes, so I pulled them all out and we had a dress-up bear party!  This activity was even better than I could have hoped!  The kids used their motor skills to put the clothes on the bears and talked about what article of clothing the bear was wearing, what color it was, and why the bear was dressed that way (I see that your bear has a backpack on.  Is he going to school?)  This is definitely an activity I would repeat!









Preschool and Pre-K Storytimes–Clothes!


Ella Sarah Gets Dressed, by Margaret Chodos-Irving.  It’s time for Ella Sarah to get dressed, and she has very specific ideas about what she wants to wear.  Although her mother, her father, and her older sister all have suggestions about what she should wear instead, Ella Sarah is ultimately able to choose the perfect colorful, fancy outfit.  Preschoolers will declare her outfit to be beautiful, while parents will give a knowing chuckle.





Dog in Boots, by Greg Gormley and Illustrated by Roberta Angaramo.  Dog has just finished a marvelous book about a cat wearing beautiful boots, so he decides that he might like to have boots, too.  He returns to the shoe shop multiple times in search of the perfect footwear for his daily dog activities, such as running, digging, swimming, and scratching.  Little does Dog know, but he has the perfect footwear and he doesn’t even know it.  This book is really cute–by far the favorite illustration among all my groups was the one with Dog wearing high heels!





Polly’s Pink Pajamas.  By Vivian French, Illustrated by Sue Heap.  Polly just loves her pink pajamas, so much so that she wears them all the time.  But now that Fred has invited her to a party, what will she wear?  She borrows clothing from all of her friends only to find that the resulting outfit is unsuitable for a party!  In a fun surprise ending, Polly finds that she has the perfect party attire!






Flannelboard: Let’s play in the forest while the wolf is not around.  This brilliant idea came from Read, Sarah, Read!  I made my clothing pieces with felt, using puffy paint for accents. As suggested by Sarah, I did the story as a call and response story.  I said, “Let’s play in the forest while the wolf is not around” and the kids said “Oh Wolf!  Are you there?”  Then the wolf would show just the tops of his ears above the flannelboard and say “Yes, but I’m putting on my underwear!”  (prepare for peals of laughter).  I decided to take the pieces off of the clothesline and hand them to the wolf behind the flannelboard.  After he got his backpack, he declared that he *was* there and that he was starving for….pancakes?  The kids absolutely adored this story.  Thanks again, Sarah!