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Minecraft Dance Party!


photo(10) photo(8)Masks–we found these at Oriental Trading–a really great find!








photo(6) photo(7)Minecraft Bingo–I found this amazing free printable on Life with Squeaker.  I printed out these free bookmarks on cardstock and gave them out as prizes.








photo(9)Finally, we used our trusty bluetooth speaker/party lights to play Minecraft parody songs, plus we used the screen and projector to show Minecraft parody videos.  We did the songs from iTunes so that we didn’t hear the commercials on Youtube.


Crafternoon–Masquerade masks


For today’s craft we decorated handheld masquerade masks.  I got the mask templates from www.firstpallette.com.







What you need:

Mask template



Exacto knife

Glue (white or tacky glue)



craft stick

What to do:

1.  Print template onto cardstock in color of choice.

2.  Cut out mask with scissors.  Cut out eye holes using exacto knife.

3.  Decorate using feathers, sequins, rhinestones, markers, etc. (I used some clear packing tape to reinforce the feathers and the craft stick)

4.  Glue craft stick on the back side of mask.