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Homeschool Hub–Iron Chef, Jr.


This month’s Homeschool Hub activity was Iron Chef, Jr.  The kids chose their own ingredients from three categories: one item from the base category, two items from the sauces category, and two items from the garnishes category, plus the secret ingredient and unlimited sprinkles (obvi).

Bases:  graham crackers, sugar wafers, pretzel sticks (I realized too late that I should have offered a gluten free option, so for the second session I had chocolate pudding cups on hand, just in case it came up again).

Sauces:  Frosting (I got the kind that comes in different colors–I got chocolate, green, and red–and has sprinkles in the top because the answer is always more sprinkles) chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup (a popular option!), and marshmallow fluff

Garnishes:  candy eyes, chocolate chips, marshmallows, Nerds

Secret ingredient: For the first session it was candy corn, for the second session it was gummy spiders

I portioned out the ingredients using Dixie cups.  Each participant had two plates and a plastic knife.  They were to make two iterations of their dish–one to eat and one to share.  I gave them score sheets so that they could evaluate each other on presentation, taste, and originality.  I loved seeing the combinations that they came up with!


Craft Carnival de Rio


Whew!  I can’t believe we are already several weeks into summer reading!  Things are going really great–lots of trackers being turned in (great job, keep it up!!!!)  This week at Leesburg and Smithville we had a taste of Rio in honor of this year’s host of the Olympic games.

We decorated masks with feathers, stick on jewels, and fruit stickers, and we also decorated wooden maracas.

photo(3) photo(2) photo(5)








I hooked up our Block Party speaker/light show and played some Brazilian music for the kids to dance to.







Finally, we offered Brigadeiros, a traditional Brazilian dessert made with sweetened condensed milk, butter, cocoa powder, and vanilla.  I followed this recipe and rolled the mixture into balls ahead of time.  Then we put sprinkles in a plate and the kids finished by rolling the ball into the sprinkles.  These were a huge hit!