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Game On–YA summer reading display


photoI LOVE post-it art!  I thought that this year’s summer reading theme (Get in the Game–READ) was a perfect opportunity to try my hand at another project.


I Read a Latte Display


i read a latte 1We have a new YA display!  I love a good pun, so when I noticed this display on Pinterest, I knew we had to have one too.







i read a latte 2I made the cups by drawing a cup shape on a large piece of white paper and cutting brown construction paper to fit as a cup sleeve.  You can’t really see it in this picture, but I even ran it through my paper crimper to give it some texture.  I did a Google search for Starbucks logo maker and found one that didn’t have words on it.  I copied and pasted it into Word and used white stickers to spell out “READ BOOKS” on it.  The cup and saucer is a coloring page.

Post-it Minecraft display


minecraft display





Ever since I made our PacMan YA display last summer, I have been itching to do something with Post-it notes again.  Plus, I did a crazy successful Minecraft in Real Life program (pretty much exactly like the one done by Angie over at Fat Girl Reading, so I haven’t posted it here) and I’m planning to do a couple more in September, so I wanted a display involving Minecraft.  So….post-it Minecraft!

minecraft R minecraft E minecraft A minecraft D