Tape Town!

I’ve been wanting to do a Tape Town for, well, forever.  Today I finally had the opportunity!  (If you’re curious, you can see other Tape Town programs here and here).  Basically, I just put masking tape on the floor all around the children’s room and set out toys and activities for kids to explore.  I used dry erase boards for the signs.


The parking lot–I have this great set of counting cars that have numbers on them, so I just made a parking lot with numbered parking places so that kids could match the numbers.


Lego Town–the Lego table


Zootopia–animal puppets


Oceania–blue fabric, stuffed animals/puppets, and a magnetic fishing set.

IMG_0429 (1)

Galaxandria–the moon backdrop was already up for summer reading, so I just put down a black piece of fabric, an inflatable Earth, silver stars, beanbags, and scarves.  I also put the light up speaker there, playing Holst’s The Planets in the background.


Shapington–a beanbag toss game


Musica–musical instruments


Chalkville–last year’s summer reading sign painted with chalkboard paint and chalk.


Artsburg–manila paper, crayons, and pattern rubbing plates

IMG_0442 (1)

This program was so fun, and really not that much trouble to set up and take down.  I’ll definitely be doing it again in the future!


2 thoughts on “Tape Town!

  1. This looks like such a blast, and relatively easy to put together, too! Love the parking lot with the cars. I was just reading about how important it is for kids to engage in counting/fill the slot activities to build early math skills. Things like parking lot lines and egg containers lend themselves really naturally to this math activity!

    1. Hi, Jessica! The parking lot was something that I added at the last minute, but I’m so glad I did! A few of the kids seemed to enjoy that as much as anything else. Thanks for stopping by!

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