SMALLab is coming to MCCL!

smallab image

We are getting ready to reopen our newly renovated main branch on Saturday, January 19 and we are SO EXCITED!!!  In addition to the amazing transformation that the space has undergone, we are thrilled to be able to demonstrate the SMALLab learning environment, courtesy of ABM Industries.

So what exactly IS SMALLab?  According to the website, it stands for Student Multimedia Accelerated Learning Lab, and it is a “classroom-sized, transformational, 3D learning environment.”  The main parts are 1) a desktop computer console, 2) wands (seen in silhouette in the photo above), 3) a ceiling mounted projector, and 4) a large floor “screen”, which is comprised of large, white interlocking foam tiles.

There are different learning scenarios, or game formats, that you can use.  Some examples include Memory (flip cards over to get a match–pictured above), OrderLine (put things in order), Sort It Out (sort tiles into categories), and VR video (interact with VR360 videos from YouTube).  You have access to these activities on the resources page once you log in.  You can use the search tool to find activities for a certain grade level/subject/scenario, or you can even make your own custom activities.  It’s sort of like Kahoot or Scratch in that you can find and use the activities made by other people in the community.

How are we planning to use SMALLab?  I have a feeling that we will be continuously finding new applications for this incredible resource.  For the time being, though, I have a few programs planned to showcase SMALLab:

Saturday, January 19 @ 10:30 am-5:30 pm–Grand Reopening.  See what SMALLab is all about!  We will be demonstrating different games and applications in the newly renovated Auditorium space.

Tuesday, January 22 @ 3:30 pm–STEM360 (Airplanes) Design a paper airplane and test it to see how far it will fly, then experience stunning 360 degree video of real airplanes flying!

Tuesday, January 29 @ 2:00 pm–Homeschool Libratory (Snow and Skiing).  Make your own fake snow, then experience a thrilling 360 degree ski trip to Mount Hood!

Friday, February 1 @ 10:30 am–Storytime360 (Elephants).  Join us for an elephant themed storytime followed by an amazing 360 degree view of real elephants!

We look forward to seeing you soon and sharing this awesome new technology with you!




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