3…2…1…Liftoff! 1000 Books Before Kindergarten–space edition!

I need my space.

I’m so pleased to *launch* (pun SO intended) our new 1000 Books Before Kindergarten materials!  They feature a streamlined tracking system (color in a star to represent each book read) and a fun series of goals to achieve.  With each 100 books read, our little astronauts will visit a different planet (including the now often-neglected dwarf planet Pluto).  After reading 1000 books, participants will receive their previous logs back in a booklet format, with their own new planet to design and a certificate signed by library staff.

I love this program so much because it encourages families to make reading aloud a daily habit that is fun and a great opportunity for bonding.  While 1000 sounds like a daunting number, the truth is that you can achieve it by reading just 3 books a day for a year.  If you need to read Pete the Cat 1000 times, that’s totally fine because repetition is magic, but also know that have access to literally thousands of choices for free with your library card.


Front and back of Level 1 log.  Subsequent levels look similar, except they have clipart of the planet they have traveled to and an astronaut holding a flag with the number of books read so far.

Front and back of keepsake booklet




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