Reading Rockstars–D is for Dancing!

Bubbles: Hello Bubbles, 1 little 2 little 3 little bubbles


Hello songs (with uke): Hands are clapping/Hey Hey How are you?

Welcome song (with uke): Willoughby Wallaby Woo


Letter of the Day: D


Book 1: Hilda Must Be Dancing, by Karma Wilson and Suzanne Watts


Rhyme: Dance your fingers up

Song: Head shoulders knees and toes (done in my favorite style, from slow to super speed)

Book 2:  Dancing in my Bones, by Sylvia Andrews and Elle Mueller


Activity: Ribbon batons.  These awesome batons came in my Circle Time Movement kit from Discount School Supply.  We did several actions with If you’re happy and you know it (wave, toss and catch).  We also did an adapted version (leaving out the individual colors, since our batons were multi-colored) of Ribbon Dancers from Storytime ABCs.


Rhyme Cube: Hickory Dickory Dock

Closing songs (with uke): Hokey Pokey/ABC

Goodbye song (with uke): Hands are waving/Bye bye we’ll miss you

Craft/activity: streamer wands (similar to this) and dance party.  We made dance wands with crepe paper streamers and craft sticks, fired up the disco light and party dance mix, and celebrated the end of a great summer!


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