Tinker Thinkers–Pop! and Bubble Science

I started this week’s Tinker Thinkers by telling the kids that I had a non-fiction book and a fiction book, both about bubbles.  This prompted a discussion about the difference between fiction and non-fiction.  We then talked about different methods of blowing bubbles, including one of the great loves of my (children’s librarian) life, the bubble machine.


After the books, we headed outside for some bubble making fun!  I made two batches of this bubble solution and a couple of homemade large bubble makers and also put out some store bought solution in pans with large bubble wands (I believe both came from Lakeshore Learning, similar to this).  I also provided pipe cleaners and challenged the kids to make a square bubble–they told me they couldn’t 🙂  We also made bubble snakes like the ones seen here, except that we used cups and no food coloring (because reasons).  This was just good old fashioned summertime fun and we all had a great time.




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