Toddler Time–T is for Transportation!

Bubbles:  Hello Bubbles, 1 Little 2 Little 3 Little Bubbles

Hello Song (with uke): Hands are Clapping/Hey Hey How are You

Welcome Song (with uke): Willoughby Wallaby Woo


Letter of the Day: T–train, truck, transportation, traffic

Book 1: Trucks Roll by George Ella Lyon and Craig Frazier.  I can’t remember if this is a suggestion I saw on a blog or if it was just one I happened upon in my library’s collection, but it is great!  It has really bold, colorful illustrations and good vocabulary.  I love how the trucks haul things kids like, like apple juice, ice cream, blocks, and cookies.  The book even touches on what it’s like to be a trucker–that they drive until they get tired or hungry, then they stop to rest and go again when the sun comes up.  (This segued nicely into the steering wheel activity, by the way).


Rhyme/song: If you have a (red) truck.  (Sung to the tune of Do you know the muffin man?)  I saw this idea done with bicycles on Jen in the Library.  I found clipart for different colored trucks, printed them onto cardstock, and placed a small self-stick magnet on the back of each one.  I sang through the song once for each color, and the kids with that color truck came up and put them on the dry erase board.  They seemed to really enjoy doing this.


Activity: Steering wheels.  (as seen on Storytiming).  I printed out steering wheel clipart and clued them onto paper plates to make steering wheel props.  We used them to sing Driving in my car (to the tune of Farmer in the Dell).  We drove fast and slow.  Then we did a variation of a Mother Goose on the Loose rhyme: “We’ll drive and we’ll drive and we’ll drive and we’ll STOP!  We’ll drive and we’ll drive and we’ll drive and we’ll STOP!  We’ll drive and we’ll drive and we’ll drive and we’ll stop!  Then we’ll beep our horn!”  Then we did this rhyme with fast and slow also.  This was really fun but more time consuming than I thought it would be.  I had a flannel and rhythm sticks activities that we didn’t get to, but I think it was worth it.


Book 2: Stanley’s Garage by William Bee.  The first pages of this book had tools pictured, which went well with the letter of the day.  The simplicity of the illustrations and text are just perfect for storytime, but the book still offers uncommon words like “radiator” and “overheating”.


Rhyme Cube:  Yes, we got 2 Little Dickey Birds again, but we rolled another time and got Little Boy Blue.


Closing songs (with uke): Itsy Bitsy Spider/ABC

Goodbye Song (with uke): Hands are waving/Bye Bye We’ll Miss You

Craft: Name Train (seen here at Storytime Katie).

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