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Homeschool Hub–Tech Petting Zoo


photo(6)Wow!  What a fun program!  Today we hosted a tech petting zoo for our Homeschool Hub families and it was a blast!  We recently purchased some new tech including Ozobots and Sphero.  We opened the program with my awesome coworker/tech specialist extraordinaire Andrew running a demonstration with Sphero using the Sprk app, then the kids took turns driving it with the Sphero app downloaded to my iPod Touch.





photo(7)We also played with Ozobots.  We printed these worksheets from the website, but you can also draw your own with black, blue, red, and green markers.  They come with a legend that tells you what sequence of dots to draw if you want it to perform a certain action, such as going into turbo mode.  The kids had a great time with this, especially with the “Ask Ozobot” worksheet, which is kind of like a modern version of a magic 8 ball (y’all remember those, right?)







Finally, we also experimented with 3D coloring through an app called Quiver.  You simply download the app and print out coloring pages from the website.  When you turn on the app, the camera will automatically recognize the coloring page and 3d features will be activated.  This adorable penguin winks and waves, plus you can access a game by pressing the blue snowflake icon at the bottom of the screen.  photo(1)



Homeschool Hub–Where in the World? Africa


photo(1)My library hosts a weekly program for homeschooling families that covers a variety of topics such as art, science, history, history, and geography.  Last week we took a glimpse into Africa.








African Thumb Piano (Kalimba)–This idea came from Zylie & Friends.  I cut squares from foam board and the kids taped five bobby pins on one end, then painted the foam board.  At this station I had a laptop playing a Youtube playlist of kalimba music.

photo(2)Ndebele house–I saw this idea here.  I cut white construction paper in half longwise and cut circles from brown construction paper.  I printed out examples of Ndebele houses for the kids to look at while they decorated their houses.








photo(3) photo(4) photo








My favorite part was our stuffed animal safari.  We got these VTech Kidizoom cameras awhile back and enjoyed using them for photo(5)a stop action animation Lego program.  When I started planning this program, I hadn’t planned on using the cameras, but it just kind of came to me in a flash–we should totally do a photo safari!  This cameras are super simple to use and were a great investment.  I’m looking forward to finding more ways to incorporate them into our programming.