Monday Funday–Homemade Fingerpaint!


fingerpaint FB imageI mentioned in Friday’s post that we have been busy developing a couple of new programs this spring–one is Homeschool Hub and the other is Monday Funday.  (Love that name?  Me too!  Thank Sara at Bryce Don’t Play for her awesomeness!)  The purpose of Monday Funday is to offer unique, hands-on learning opportunities for kids who are at home during the day such as preschoolers, homeschoolers, kids with special needs, etc.






paintsToday we made homemade finger paint by mixing 1 part flour to 1 part water in a bowl (I gave each child 1/3 cup each of flour and water and it was plenty).  Then we divided the paint into 3 smaller cups (we used plastic baby food containers) and stirred a few drops of washable liquid watercolors into each one.  We made the primary colors because mixing primary colors just never gets old.






fingerpaintAfter we mixed up the colors, I gave them each a big sheet of paper and they went to town painting.














Monday Funday meets every Monday at 11:00 a.m. at the Leesburg Library.  Next week we are making biscuits!  Squeeeeeee!


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