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Tinker Thinkers–Playdoh Pizzeria


pizza1Tinker Thinkers is an after school STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) program aimed at ages 4 and up.  So far we have done lots of activities with science, engineering, arts, and even technology, but I wanted a fun way to incorporate math.  Then it occurred to me: playdoh pizzeria!  Pizza is a perfect opportunity to talk about fractions, and if we opened a play restaurant we could introduce money concepts.  Plus, playdoh rocks.






making pizzaI have two Tinker Thinkers groups, so I ended up making about four batches of this homemade playdoh.  I divided each batch into 4-6 (started with 4 and realized I could eke out 6) balls and put each one into a ziploc sandwich bag.  This was the base of the pizza.  The rest was store bought playdoh that I brought from home.  I also borrowed my daughter’s playdoh toys (cutters, etc).  Caution: the playdoh definitely gets all mixed together, so be prepared for that.  If you wanted to avoid using store bought playdoh, you could make more homemade and add food coloring, or just use non-playdoh toppings as seen here. (This link is also where I got the order sheet we used).




playdoh menusSpeaking of Play-Doh, check out this cool free printable!  I printed a few off, glued the front and back together and laminated them.  The kids really enjoyed looking at the menu and replicating the items.





menuTo encourage math skills, I posted a menu with suggested prices, plus an information sheet about fractions.  We mostly just talked about it, though.  I’d say something like, “If I wanted a cheese pizza and a drink, how much would I need to pay you?” or “I need a pizza to share with 3 of my friends–how many pieces do we need to cut?”






cash registerpaying for pizzaWe also had a cash register filled with this printable money.  It was really fun to see the kids go through the process of taking the order, making the pizza, and accepting payment.  We had a great time!


Growing Readers–Eye Spy


earlGrowing Readers is a read aloud/read along storytime for emerging readers.  We began as usual with Earl the Elephant singing Willoughby Wallaby Woo.  The kids love when Earl sits on them!









welcomeEarl then read aloud his welcome message.  The letter of the day is circled in the message.







e bucketOnce we identified the letter of the day, we talked about the items in the “E” bucket.










word cloudThen we brainstormed other E words.










i spy with my little eyeRead Aloud:  I Spy with My Little Eye, by Edward Gibbs.  (E ANIMALS, GIBB)










duck rabbitRead Aloud: Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld.  (E ANIMALS, ROSE)










eye bookRead Along: The Eye Book by Dr. Seuss.  (E SEUSS).  For Accelerated Reader info go here.










binocular craftActivity: I Spy binoculars.  Basic toilet paper roll binoculars.  We played with them trying to spy things that start with a certain letter.  This kind of play promotes letter knowledge, plus it’s easy and fun!