Growing Readers–B is for Bubbles


growing readers web imageGrowing Readers is a storytime for emerging readers ages 4 and up.  It meets on Mondays at 4:00 p.m. at the Leesburg Library.










earlAfter the kids came in and filled out nametags, my elephant puppet Earl sang Willoughby Wallaby Woo to welcome each of them.  Then he read the welcome message to them, and we discussed the items in our letter B bucket.  Finally, we brainstormed words that start with the letter B for our word cloud.










message b letter bucket b word cloud











big bad bubble




For the read aloud I chose my new-favorite-book-in-the-whole-wide-world, Big Bad Bubble, by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri (E MONSTERS RUBI)  MONSTERS are afraid of BUBBLES, and there’s also doughnut trees!  Do I need to go on?


buddies whisper phonesAfter the read aloud we prepared for the read along portion by handing out reading buddies and whisper phones.






bubble troubleRead along book: Bubble Trouble by Joy N. Hulme (available through PINES).  I read aloud and showed the pages while the kids each held and read from their own copy.  After we read aloud, I asked some comprehension questions about what happened in the story.  [AR level 0.6.  For additional book details, click the link above]






bubble bingo 1 bubble bingo 2Activity: We played bubble wrap sight word bingo.  Actually, it wasn’t really bingo in the sense that there was a winner at the end.  I just kept calling out words until everyone had popped all of their bubbles.  Then we popped the bubbles that didn’t have words on them.  Bubble wrap rocks.


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