Fizz Boom READ–Technorella Puppet Show and robot puppet craft

puppets and stageEvery summer we do a puppet show during the last week of June.  For some reason, puppet shows stress me out more than regular programs–it seems like I usually have to dig around to find a story that fits with the theme, then convert it to a puppet show.  This year, I was so relieved that the manual already included a puppet show–Technorella!  My husband and I made some tweaks to it to appeal to my specific audience, but I was very grateful that most of the work had already been done.  Plus, I had a “ball” (ha!) making the puppets with paper lunch bags and random bits from my office.  In fact, I had so much fun that I decided to have a robot puppet craft for the kids to do after the show.  It was a hit!

I got lots of positive feedback about the show, and I think that it’s probably my favorite puppet show we have done so far.  I had a fantastic teen volunteer (Thanks Isabella!) and a wonderful coworker (Thanks Michael!) to help me during puppet show week.  Isabella managed to handle multiple puppets like a pro and Michael was a genius at adding sound effects, which really enhanced the show.

As I mentioned above, the kids loved making their own robots.  All we did was cover paper lunchbags with aluminum foil sheets then using scrap paper to decorate them.  When space permitted, we left the stage set up so that the kids could put on their own puppet shows.

robot 1 robot 2 robot 3










robot 4 robot 5 robot stage


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