Fizz Boom READ Mad Scientist Laboratory


group fizzLast week was our summer reading finale!  We did a mad scientist laboratory and the kids loved it!  We had three stations: the first was a craft station for an Einstein hair headband and goggles.  Both templates are in this year’s summer reading manual.  The kids colored their hair and glued it onto construction paper strips that we then taped or stapled in place around their heads.  The goggles…were a labor of love for me.  I cut them out, laminated them, cut them out again, punched holes, and threaded a rubber band through each side so that they could wear them.  It was extremely time consuming but SO worth it because the kids looked amazing doing their experiments!







fizz graphThe next station was basically a vinegar/baking soda reaction.  What made it a little different is that I put a few drops of liquid watercolor at the bottom of the cup, then covered it up with baking soda.  Sort of like this, just adapted for a much larger crowd.  When the kids used their pipettes to squeeze vinegar on top, the color was revealed.  Then they graphed their results on our chart.








rowan goop goop group goop










The last experiment was making non-Newtonian fluid with cornstarch and water.  This was fairly messy, but the kids’ (and parents’!) reactions were priceless!  I know that personally I am fascinated by the stuff.



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