Fizz, Boom, READ! Invention Convention


FIZZ_BOOM_READ_logo Primary Stacked




cup phonePaper/Plastic cup telephones: This craft required quite a bit of adult assistance, but it was so neat to see the kids and adults playing with the finished product.  Each child received 2 plastic or paper cups (with a small hole punched in the bottom of each), two paper clips, and a length of fishing line.  Thread the fishing line through the hole in the bottom of the cup, then tie a paper clip to it to prevent it slipping back through the hole in the cup.  Repeat on the other side.  When using the phone, be sure that the fishing line is pulled as taut as possible.







making 3d glasses 3d glasses3D glasses: I used this template for our glasses.  Instead of enclosing a clear (or translucent colored) layer in between two layers of cardstock, I decided to make the lenses by laminating the “glasses” part and having the kids cut out the sides and tape them to the glasses as the craft.  To make them 3D, I also provided a blue and a red Sharpie marker to color over the laminated material.  It works like a charm!  The link above has 3D space images, but I ended up using a 3D shark book that was donated awhile back.






making paper airplanes airplane contest winnerFinally, we made paper airplanes and had a contest!  At each branch, I gave 2 prizes: one for the farthest distance and the other for the coolest design.  Winners received a ticket from All American Fun Park for a free game of mini golf and two free game tokens!

For the paper airplanes, I provided colored printing paper and markers.  Once it seemed as though they were finishing up, I had them start lining up.  As each participant came to the front of the line, I asked their name and wrote it on a small post-it note.  I counted off “1, 2, 3–throw!” and they threw.  Then I went and put the post-it where the plane landed and gave the plane back to them.  At the end, the plane that had traveled the farthest distance won.  It was SO fun!


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