Preschool and Pre-K storytimes–Owls!

001Preschool storytimes are Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. at the Leesburg Library and Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. at the Oakland Library.  Preschool storytimes are immediately followed by playtime with developmentally appropriate toys like these.  Playtime is a great time for social interaction–for kids and parents/caregivers alike!








Opening song: We hit our knees together

Opening rhyme: Two Little Dickey Birds/Open Them Shut Them

004Good-Night, Owl! by Pat Hutchins. (E BIRDS HUTC).  The daytime noises of Owl’s fellow tree-dwellers keep Owl awake, but when night falls, owl has the last…screech?  This is a nice, simple story with a repetitive structure–perfect for retelling!







003Wow! Said the Owl, by Tim Hopgood.  (Available through PINES).  Owl is accustomed to sleeping through the day, just as a little owl should.  But one day, Owl becomes curious and stays awake so that she can enjoy all of the colors that daytime has to offer.





008Flannelboard: Five Hoot Owls.  I changed the rhyme slightly to reinforce the colors (Five hoot owls sitting in a tree the [red] one flew away, now how many do we see?)






009Little Owl Lost, by Chris Haughton. (E BIRDS HAUG).  Little Owl has fallen from his nest and lost his mother.  Squirrel tries to help find her based on Little Owl’s description.  The kids laughed like crazy each time Squirrel says “Here she is!  Here’s your mommy!” and it was a completely different animal.  And it is totally heartwarming how happy the kids are when Little Owl finds his mom at the end.  I really don’t know why everyone in the world doesn’t want my job.  It’s just the best.




Rhyme: Wide Eyed Owl.

Rhyme cube

Closing rhyme: This is big (Mel’s Desk)

Closing song: My hands say thank you

owl puppetCraft: owl puppet.  Playing with puppets is a great way to promote narrative skills.  Store-bought puppets can be expensive, so making puppets is an affordable alternative.  This week we made an owl puppet by coloring this sheet and attaching it to a paper bag.  A fun game to play with this puppet might be to point out colors with the puppet and say “Wow! said the owl–look at that blue sky!”





The Pre-K storytime was pretty much the same as the preschool one, except I added a brief introduction with my owl puppet, Olivia (pictured above).  Olivia asked “Who? Who? Who keeps talking?  I’m TRYING to sleep!”

007Little Owl’s Night, by Divya Srinivasan. (E BIRDS SRIN).  This book is very slow and soothing.  In my Pre-K storytimes, I placed it right before Little Owl Lost and then we finished with Wide Eyed Owl if there was time.







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