Preschool and PreK storytime–Monsters!

This week’s preschool and pre-k storytimes focused on monsters!  Some of these books just happen to rank among my favorite readalouds, period, so it made for a super fun storytime!

We have two preschool storytimes each week: Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. at the Leesburg Library and Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. at the Oakland Library.  Both storytimes are immediately followed with toys and playtime.  For more information about preschool storytime, call 759-2369.


Bubble machine (Hello Bubbles and 1 little 2 little 3 little bubbles)

Opening song: We hit our knees together (Mother Goose on the Loose)

Opening rhyme: Two Little Dickey Birds/Open Them, Shut Them

008Letter Monster–“Letter Monster wanted to read.  He htought if he ate letters, it was all he would need!”  I thought that this folder story was a really cute way to incorporate letter knowledge into this storytime, plus it connected really well with the craft we did (see below).  Find template and text of rhyme here.  I had to mutilate this poor folder to get it to work because my laminator wasn’t big enough to laminate the entire folder.  But I still think it turned out pretty cute.  The eyes and mouth are self-stick foam and I wrote the letters on green cardstock to make the monster green.




monsters love colorsMonsters Love Colors, by Mike Austin.  (E COLORS AUST)  This is a new book that I absolutely love!  It has very fun illustrations and is a perfect way to introduce primary colors and color mixing.  Plus, having to tell a monster not to eat is crayons is just funny.  It just is.









go away big green monsterGo Away, Big Green Monster!  Ed Emberley.  (E MONSTERS EMBE)  This book is genius.  I love how the die cut design is incorporated into the story, and how the reader is given the power to make that mean old monster GO AWAY!









Rhyme cube

This is Big (Mel’s Desk)

My hands say thank you

011Craft: letter monsters.  I found a free template online and used it to cut monsters from construction paper.  I offered assorted spooky eyes (foam stickers from Oriental Trading that were leftover from Pumpkinpalooza).  Use white glue and foam letters (or self-stick foam letters if you have them) and put letters into the monsters tummy.  Make sure to talk about each letter and the sound it makes before monster eats it!








Bubbles and playtime


Every Wednesday I visit Lee County Pre-K and read to all of the classes (5 groups with 2 classes each and 1 group with 1 class).

006The Monster at the End of this Book, by Jon Stone and MIchael Smollin.  (E MONSTERS STON).  Two things: #1–Grover seems to be largely unknown to most of the children I read this book to. #2–This disturbs me because I LOVE Grover.  #3–This book was my absolute FAVE when I was little.  The kids laughed like crazy as Grover pleaded with us not to keep turning the pages!








leonardo the terrible monsterLeonardo the Terrible Monster, by Mo Willems.  Want to show off your reading aloud prowess?  Try reading Sam’s monologue as fast as you can with proper emotion.  It’s awesome and hilarious, and be prepared to have at least one “Do it again!”









Monsters Love Colors (see above)

if monster and you know itIf You’re a Monster and You Know It, by Rebecca Emberly and Ed Emberley.  E MONSTERS EMBE)  I didn’t use the illustrations in this book, although they are wonderful.  I often say that I dare not enter pre-k without a puppet, and today was no exception.  I ended each storytime with Monty the Monster instructing the kids on how to be monsters by singing parts of “If You’re a Monster and You Know It” in a growlly voice.  I did “give a roar” last and pretended that Monty was scared of their roars, which they loved.



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