Summer Reading Recap Week 6–Pyramid Party!


pyramid party grizzI can’t believe another summer reading program has come to a close!  We had a great time digging into reading this summer!  For our final event, we had a Pyramid Party at each branch.  At each event we did a drawing for free passes to Wilder’s World 4 Kids and All American Fun Park.  We also gave each participant a coupon for a free cup of TCBY yogurt.  I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to our sponsors!





headband and necklaceFor our crafts, we did a headband, a necklace, and a cartouche necklace.  I found this awesome headband template here.  The kids just colored and decorated them, then cut them out.  Then we taped them together and sized them to fit.  For the necklaces, I just cut most of the middle out of a paper plate, then spray painted it gold.  The kids used white glue and sequins to decorate them.








cartoucheFor the cartouche necklaces, I used the template from the summer reading manual.  I found a hieroglyphics chart online and made it small.









pyramid building REDA surprising success was the pyramid building.  I just had everyone I knew save every box they used (and I saved my own) and wrapped them in white paper.  The kids really got into building with them!  I was stressing out about maybe having to paint them brown or gold until I read that the ancient Egyptians actually covered the pyramids with an outer layer of smooth white stones.  Woo hoo!








By far the funniest part of the whole thing was the mummy wrapping!  We had two teams of two compete in wrapping contests with toilet paper.  My fantastic teen volunteer Lexi (who was dressed as Cleopatra!) timed the contestants and proclaimed a winner.

mummy wrapping SMVmummy wrapping LSB










Thank you, Lexi!!!!!!!



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