Summer Reading Recap Week 3–Pirates Ahoy!


pirateDuring the week of June 18-20, we hit the open sea for Pirates Ahoy!  All four libraries had fun pirate crafts to do–a treasure map, a parrot, and an eye patch.  As space permitted, we also tried to include some fun pirate-y accessories.  My fantastic teen volunteer Lexi dressed up as Captain Lex to round things off.  It was a blast!









pirate crafts REDThe first craft we did was a treasure map like this one.  For this, we cut off the bottom of a brown paper lunch bag, then cut it up the side.  Then, the kids were invited to either draw their own treasure map or use a worksheet that I provided (I used the illustrations from this coloring page).









001We also did a parrot craft that I found over at Sturdy For Common Things.  Like Rebecca, I copied the template onto different colors of cardstock.  Then, the kids embellished them with wiggle eyes, feathers, and crayons.  The template is great because it shows you how to fold it so that you can tape it onto the kid’s shoulder–so cute!

To finish off, we decorated eye patches.  I used this template on white cardstock.  I cut them out and punched holes in either side, the threaded a thin ribbon through so that they could wear it.








pirate ship oak








At Leesburg and Oakland, we had the space to set up a pirate ship (complete with bubble machine)!  Here, the kids could swab the deck, try their hand at tossing coins into a treasure chest, and play “Lex Says”.  The kids really enjoyed interacting with Captain Lex, even though he sometimes made them walk the plank!






pirate lexi reading RED





We had a great time at Smithville and Redbone, too!  At Smithville, the kids played with a parrot puppet while they did their crafts.  At Redbone, kids enjoyed stories from Captain Lex (see top photo).


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