Preschool and Pre-K storytime–Dancing!

Dancing was last week’s theme for both my preschool storytime at the library and the outreach storytimes I do at Lee County Pre-K.







Preschool Storytime:

Opening song:  We hit our knees together (from Mother Goose on the Loose)

Opening rhyme:  Open them shut them

017Book:  Wiggle, by Doreen Cronin and Scott Menchin. (E DOGS CRON)

Activity:  Wind, Oh Wind (with scarves–from Mother Goose on the Loose)

Song:  Hokey Pokey with scarves






016Book:  Dancing Feet, by Lindsey Craig and Marc Brown. (E POETRY CRAI)

Activity:  Rum Pum Pum (from Mother Goose on the Loose).  For this game, I use a drum or tambourine.  I say “Rum pum pum this is my drum.  Rum pum pum this is my drum.  My name is Er-in, what’s your name?”  Then the children take turns patting out the syllables of their name on the drum.  This is a great exercise for promoting phonological awareness, or hearing the smaller sounds that make up words.  Then, we stand up and march, run, and tiptoe until the drum says STOP!

Closing game: Rhyme cube

Closing rhyme: This is Big, Big, Big (from Mel’s Desk)

Closing song: My hands say thank you

For our craft, we made dancing sticks by taping crepe paper onto craft sticks as seen here.


Pre-K storytime:

The cardinal rule of storytime at Pre-K is “thou shalt not enter Pre-K without a puppet.”  This means that whatever I do, I have to link it to a puppet somehow because the  Luckily, I have a really great supply of puppets at my disposal, which includes my lovely hippo Hilda, pictured in her tutu, above.  I started the storytime by pulling Hilda out of my bag and asking the kids if they knew what Hilda *loved* to do.  They guessed dancing because of her tutu.  We talked about how hippos are big animals as a lead-in to the first book, Hilda Must Be Dancing, by Karma Wilson.

015Fritz Danced the Fandango, by Alicia Potter and Ethan Long.  (E DANCE POTT)







Song:  Head Shoulders Knees and Toes–we started slow and got faster and faster!  So fun!

018Giraffes Can’t Dance, by Giles Andrae and Guy Parker-Rees. (E DANCE ANDR)




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