Pre-k storytime–Friends!


002Instead of doing a full-out Valentine’s storytime, I decided to do a storytime about friends for my pre-k groups this week.

Hello My Name is Bob, by Linas Alsenas.  (E FRIENDS ALSE)  Bob is boring, his friend Jack is not.  Despite their differences, they are the best of friends.  Since I do not dare go to pre-k without a puppet, I decided to incorporate the puppets for this storytime into this story.  [I started out with just the brown bear puppet.  I talked to him a bit, but all did was sigh sadly.  Then we read his book.  After we read the book, I got Bob out again and asked him if reading a book about himself made him happy.  He was still sad until Jack came out!  Jack pulled Bob away, saying that they were going to have ice cream, and go to Chuck E. Cheese, and then to the alligator swamp (book reference)!]

003Grumpy Bird, by Jeremy Tankard.  I LOOOOOOOVE this book!  In the past, I have used it for a feelings storytime, but in a way I think it was a perfect fit for this Friends storytime.  Bird wakes up grumpy–so grumpy he can’t even fly.  But as his friends join him, Bird remembers he has a lot to be happy about.  Since Bird’s friends copy him during the story, it was a great lead-in to the song I chose, and gave the perfect opportunity for a little trick (heh heh heh!)

Song:  Will you be my friend today?  (to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb)

Source: CanTeach

(start clapping) Will you be my friend today, friend today, friend today?  Will you be my friend today and clap along with me?  (We did things from the book like walk, stand on one foot, jump, fly, and eating a worm!)



005My Friend is Sad, by Mo Willems.  (E WILLEMS)  I think that the Elephant and Piggie series is brilliant and just perfect for the emergent readers in pre-k, so I’ve been trying to share some of these books in storytime to get them hooked!  Gerald is sad, so Piggie tries to cheer him up by dressing up in different costumes.  However, it turns out that all Gerald really wants is to be with his friend.






I have 5 different pre-k groups, so the plan I use sometimes gets changed along the way.  My first group always has the most time, so I was able to share Good News Bad News by Jeff Mack with them.  With another class, I shared Knuffle Bunny Too by Mo Willems instead of My Friend is Sad.  In the end, I felt that the plan I have listed above worked the best.


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