Pre-k storytime–Dots and Spots!


003I started this storytime off by introducing Spots the Dalmatian.  In addition to having black spots on his body, Spots also has 7 white spots on his ears.  We counted them, then I told the kids that I knew of other books with spots.  One even has a dog with a spot on his ear!





004Dog’s Colorful Day, by Emma Dodd.  (E COUNTING DODD).  Counting, colors, dogs…need I say more about how great this book is for preschoolers?







006Lots of Dots, by Craig Frazier (E BROWSING FRAZ).  This is a fun book about seeing dots all around us.  In each classroom, I asked the kids to look for dots.





007Press Here by Harve Tullet (E BROWSING TULL).  This book is FAN-TAS-TIC!  The kids were amazed at how the dots changed as we read the book.  This is a perfect read aloud!







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