Preschool storytime–Snow

Hello and happy new year!  We had our first preschool storytime of the year at the Leesburg Library today!

snow 007It snowed in the storytime room!  I left these cotton balls for the kids to find as they came in.  They definitely enjoyed exploring them during our stories!





snow 006Also new for the new year–BUBBLES!  This bubble machine was such a huge hit at the NOON Year’s Eve party that I decided to follow Kendra at Read Sing Play and use them during storytimes.  Check out Kendra’s Hello Bubbles and Goodbye Bubbles here.  Incidentally, I LOVE this bubble machine.  It produces a good amount of bubbles and has held up very well so far.  They are available at Toys R Us and Amazon.




Opening song:  We hit our knees together

Opening rhyme:  Open them, shut them

snow 005Opening game:  Alphabet soup–our word today was SNOW!







snow 001The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats.  I adore this book!  The pictures are absolutely magnificent, and the simple story describes the sometimes quiet, sometimes exuberant wonder of a snow day.  To make the most of the gorgeous illustrations, I use my daughter’s edition, which is an oversized board book that I got on sale Books A Million.




snow 003

Flannelboard song: If you’re playing in the snow.  This is a take on Mel’s Desk’s “If You’re Going to the Moon.”  It’s sung to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it”.

If you’re playing in the snow, wear your boots (stomp feet)….

If you’re playing in the snow, wear your mittens (clap hands)…

If you’re playing in the snow, wear your hat (pat head)…Then do all three!

Fingerplay:  Snowflakes, Snowflakes

(to the tune of Frere Jacques)

Snowflakes, snowflakes

Snowflakes, snowflakes

All around, all around

Whirling twirling snowflakes, whirling twirling snowflakes

Hit the ground, hit the ground.

snow 002All You Need for a Snowman, by Alice Schertle and Barbara Lavallee.







snow 009Activity:  Indoor snowballs.  I first saw the idea for indoor snowballs at Piper Loves the Library.  I loved the idea, but didn’t really have the sewing skills to make it happen (Jane is my hero!).  I saw somewhere else (can’t remember where now–please tell me if you do!) where it was suggested to just wad up the tulle and stick a needle and thread through it several times.  That, my friends, I could do.  So I did.  I handed these out and we did a little rhyme I found over at Sunflower Storytime:

Snowflake, snowflake dance around (hold snowball up)

Snowflake, snowflake touch the ground (hold snowball down on floor)

Snowflake, snowflake soft and white (hold snowball up to face or pet gently with hands)

Snowflake, snowflake–SNOWBALL FIGHT!  (throw snowball!)

Closing game:  Rhyme cube

Closing Rhyme:  This is Big (from Mel’s Desk)

Closing song:  My hands say thank you

Goodbye Bubbles!







3 thoughts on “Preschool storytime–Snow

  1. Hi Erin! Thanks for your thoughtful and comprehensive story time outline! I was looking for a bit of inspiration for our “Early Learners’ Story Time” here at the Children’s Museum of Denver, and came across your program plan. I borrowed several elements – and everything went beautifully. Thank you SO much for taking the time to document your ideas and share them with us! What a gift.

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