Preschool Storytime–Christmas!

I’m doing two preschool storytimes now.  One is 10:00 a.m. every Tuesday at the Leesburg Library and the other is 10:00 a.m. every Thursday at the Oakland Library.  We have a playgroup after every storytime.

Opening song:  We hit our knees together (from Mother Goose on the Loose)

Opening rhyme:  Open them, shut them

Book:  How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas? by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague.

007Activity:  Jingle bells bracelets.  I made these using jingle bells I had on hand and some pipe cleaners.  We used them briefly and in a closely supervised environment.  As I often do, I took the sequence from Mother Goose on the Loose:  “We ring our bells together”, ring up high/down low/in the middle, “Ring your bells”, up high/down low/in the middle, then we finished off with “Jingle Bells”.



004Story:  That’s not Santa!  About a year ago, when I was less than a month into my new career, I saw a wonderful children’s librarian tell this story to a group of preschoolers.  It was SO GOOD!  I found myself listening as enthusiastically as they were.  So this year, when I was putting together my own Christmas storytime, I was determined to include the story.  There is a beginning reader called “That’s Not Santa!” by Leonard P. Kessler.  But I really wanted to tell it as a story since it’s such a fun story to tell.  I ended up scanning some of Kessler’s illustrations and printing them out onto cardstock.  This story was a hit every time I told it!



003Poem: Rudolph, Rudolph.  I got this idea from Katie at Storytime Secrets.  I wish my stuffed Rudolph was a little bigger, but it’s such a fun idea I couldn’t resist.







Rhyme cube:  The wheels on the bus

Closing rhyme:  This is big, big, big (from Mel’s Desk)

Closing song: My hands say thank you


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