Pumpkin Party


(I’m going to go ahead and apologize for the crazy formatting of this post.  I tried several times to make it act right!)

We had a pumpkin decorating party this past Saturday, and it was SO fun!  It was really pretty easy to do–we just had some refreshments and hauled out all of our art/craft supplies.  Patrons brought their own pumpkins to decorate and, if they wanted to, their own carving supplies.  My wonderful teen volunteer and I decorated (and I mean we DECORATED) the conference room.  There happened to be an old skool card catalog in there, so we decided to make it spooky.

This is store-bought fruit punch, fancied up in a punch bowl.  Instead of ice cubes, I put some gummy worms in the bottom of a bundt pan, then filled it with the same punch and froze it.  As it melted, the kids were able to get worms in their punch!  It looked really cool!








We are fortunate to have a popcorn machine at the library, so of course we had to have popcorn!  My artistic husband drew faces on plain orange cups from Wal-Mart (can you believe he drew a different face on each cup?!?  The most popular ones were the superheroes, like Ironman, Batman, and Spiderman!)  We called the snack table “Potions and Pebbles” so we definitely had to decorate it like a witch’s lair.








This table got completely overloaded with everything out of my office that I thought someone could use to decorate a pumpkin!  We had paint, glitter, markers, glue, felt, fake fur, pipe cleaners, pom poms, and more!










Here are a few of the finished products…

As a party favor we gave out Tootsie Roll pops decorated like ghosts.  To make them, simply fasten a tissue around the top of a lollipop with a rubber band and draw on a face with a marker.  Voila!










One of my favorite parts of our party was our photo booth.  I painted a black background and glued on assorted “spooky” eyes.  We also set up a table with dress up masks and headbands, as well as some speech bubbles taped to craft sticks.  It enabled our families to create a fun memento of their time at the pumpkin party!


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