Pre-K storytime–I Spy

I started this storytime by introducing my tiger puppet, Augustus.  He looked sad, so we asked him what was the matter.  He said he lost his smile!  He even used a magnifying glass (good job, pre-k, for knowing what it is and what it does!) and *still* couldn’t find it!






Augustus and his Smile, by Catherine Rayner. (FL J 823 RAYN).  [Since this book is in Arabic and English, it can be located in the Foreign Language section at the Leesburg Library.]  The illustrations in this book are absolutely gorgeous.  I also love the story.  Augustus has lost his smile, so he looks everywhere to find it.  This beautiful story worked really well at the beginning of the storytime, when listening ears are at their best.  I also encouraged them to look in the illustrations for the small things that Augustus finds instead of his smile (beetle, birds, fish, shadow).







I Spy with My Little Eye, by Edward Gibbs.  (E ANIMALS GIBB).  Gold.  Storytime gold, is what this book is.  All five pre-k groups loved shouting out the colors and guessing what animal hid behind the die-cut circle.  I was so impressed at how frequently they guessed correctly–some of these animals were hard to guess!









Flannelboard game: I spy shapes.  We first went through and named all of the objects on the board (block, paints, pizza, sign, ball).  Then, I said “I spy with my little eye an object that is a _____________ shape.”  When they guessed correctly, I turned it over and revealed the shape with the shape name on it.










Duck!  Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld.  (E ANIMALS ROSE).  I was hesitant to share this at storytime, but I shouldn’t have been.  All I had to do was give a brief explanation at the beginning when I showed them the cover.  It went something like this: “The title of this book is Duck!  Rabbit!  That’s because there are two speakers in this book.  One of them thinks that the shape on the cover is a duck, and that this is his mouth.  Raise your hand if you think that this is a duck.  The other speaker thinks that this shape is a rabbit, and that these are his ears.  Raise your hand if you think that it’s a rabbit.  Let’s see if we can find out.”  There are some great opportunities for participation in this book.  I had the kids make duck noises when the book mentioned duck noises, then rabbit noises–uh, what noise does a rabbit make?  We decided to just wiggle our noses, and a few kids made hopping sounds.  We also pretended to put our binoculars up to our eyes when the book mentioned binoculars.  After we finished, we took a final vote–duck or rabbit?  Guess we’ll never know…


4 thoughts on “Pre-K storytime–I Spy

  1. I also adore Edward Gibb’s book -I spy with my little eye. Your flannel board idea is outstanding. And thanks for introducing me to Augustus and his smile. ~ jane

  2. I was wondering how to do an I Spy themed storytime that would be interactive and not to complicated with my little friends. Thank you so much for the book suggestions. I’m especially looking forward to reading Augustus and His Smile. -Anna

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