Pre-K storytime–Pockets!


The Pocket Dogs, by Margaret Wild, Illustrated by Stephen Michael King.  (E DOGS WILD)  Have you ever carried a dog in your pocket?  Well, Mr. Pockets has two very tiny dogs, Biff and Buff, who ride in his pockets.  One day, Mr. Pockets’ pocket got a hole in it and Biff fell through!  Biff is lost!  Will he ever be able to find Buff and Mr. Pockets again?









Flannelboard game:  What’s in my pocket?  This idea came from So Tomorrow, where you can find the cute rhyme that goes with it.  For some reason a majority of the kids got all of them except the clock!  Maybe because we use cell phones instead of clocks and watches these days?






Max Cleans Up, by Rosemary Wells.  (E RABBITS WELL)  It’s no secret around here that I LOVE Max and Ruby and that I LOVE this particular book.  I used it earlier this year along with a prop for a clean/dirty storytime.  I did it without the prop this time because I had so many other props going on, and i do so love Rosemary Wells’ illustrations.






Mini puppet show based on Boing by Nick Bruel.  (book available through PINES).  My little girl has a huge stuffed kangaroo that we refer to affectionately in my family as Kangaroo Jack.  My husband makes up cute stories about Kangaroo Jack and his antics, and my little girl loves it.  And she LOVES Kangaroo Jack.  I wasn’t too sure that she would let me borrow him, but she did!  I took a page from Recipe for Reading and decided to fill his pocket with real objects.  I didn’t have a grasshopper puppet, so I just skipped that part.  I also didn’t have a koala bear, so I randomly chose to replace him with a monkey (I’m so sorry, Mr. Bruel!)  Even though I took some major liberties with the story, the kids really enjoyed it.

For those who don’t know, the story goes like this.  Little kangaroo can’t jump.  Frog comes up and says “jumping is easy, watch me!”  Kangaroo still can’t jump.  Rabbit comes up and says “jumping is easy, watch me!”  Kangaroo STILL can’t jump.  Kangaroo gets discouraged.  Koala (monkey) comes up and asks what’s wrong.  Kangaroo says he can’t jump.  Koala (monkey) asks what is in his pocket, and Kangaroo reveals a bunch of random stuff.  Once he takes all of it out, he tries again and he can JUMP!

I just filled Kanagroo Jack’s pocket with stuff I had in my office.  Some sunglasses, a piece of candy, a glue stick, a pencil, a leaf, and a purple crayon.  (I did have a few astute observers who asked “What’s in his pocket?” way too early in the story!)  After he takes everything out, I got the kids to chant with me “Try again!  Try again!  Try again!”  Then we count to three and he jumps!  It was so sweet how happy they were for poor old Kangaroo Jack!









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