Preschool Storytime–Stop and Go!


The idea for this theme, as well as the stoplight necklace, came from Storytime Katie.  Thanks, Katie!

Early Literacy Skill:  Print Awareness.  To start off this storytime, I held up a stop sign and asked the kids if any of them knew what it said.  They identified it as a stop sign, so I told the parents that recognition of words on street signs, as well as signs on restaurants and shops, is one of the early steps to reading!

Opening Song:  We hit our knees together (from Mother Goose on the Loose)





Flannelboard: traffic light.  We talked about what traffic lights do, and what the different colors mean.










We All Go Traveling By, by Sheena Roberts, Illustrated by Siobhan Bell. (E SCHOOLS ROBE).  This book is meant to be sung, so I was a little nervous about it, but I think it turned out okay.  It’s a fun book about different modes of transportation–bus, plane, bicycle, train, etc.  This book is especially suited for storytime because you get to replicate the sounds of each.  My favorite is the plane–“neeeeeeeeee-oww”!








Activity:  Stop Game (from Mother Goose on the Loose).  I had a tambourine and we marched around in a circle.  “We walk and we walk and we walk and we STOP!  We walk and we walk and we walk and we STOP!  We walk and we walk and we walk and we STOP!  And we turn around!”  We did the same with tiptoeing and running.

Song: The Wheels on the Bus

Song:  I’m Driving in My Car (from Mother Goose on the Loose).  Before we started this song, I told the kids that we were going to drive our own cars now.  I asked each of them what color their car was.  I hadn’t planned to do this ahead of time, but I’m glad the inspiration struck.  In the next book we read, they were looking for “their” cars!

Red Light, Green Light, by Anastasia Suen, Illustrated by Ken Wilson-Max.  (Available through PINES).  Thanks again to Storytime Katie for suggesting this title!  It is PERFECT for a stop and go/transportation theme!  It has rhyming text and fun, colorful illustrations.  The illustrations gave us several opportunities for new vocabulary–there was a tunnel in one picture, and we also discussed toll booths and choppers (helicopters).








Action Rhyme:  Green Says Go

Rhyme Cube:  “I’m a Little Teapot”

This is Big, Big, Big (Mel’s Desk)

My Hands Say Thank You

Activity:  We made Storytime Katie’s stoplight necklaces.  Since print awareness was our early literacy skill for the day, I decided to go ahead and add the words to it.

I also put mapped out roads on our storytime mat squares with some masking tape (this idea is all over Pinterest, so you can search there if you want to see pictures–those are much better than mine was anyway!) and put out a bucket of cars, trucks, and trains for the kids to play with.  We even pulled out the scarves to use as racing flags!  At the end, the kids loved helping me peel the masking tape off of our mat!







Storytime Lite will meet at 10:00 a.m. next Tuesday, October 16, at the Leesburg Library.  Storytime Lite is a six-week series of storytimes for children ages 2-5, ending on November 6, 2012.  Sponsored by the Lee County Library.  Free and open to the public.  For more information call 759-2369.



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