Dog’s Colorful Day at the Library–a daycare tour

Today I had a daycare group (4 and 5-year-olds) come in for a tour of the library!  The brilliant idea of centering the tour around Emma Dodd’s book “Dog’s Colorful Day” (as well as a very helpful outline!) came from one of my fav blogs Bryce Don’t Play.

After the kids came in and sat down, we started talking about what they expected to see at the library.  Not surprisingly, “books” was the first answer.  I also got “movies” and “computers”.  Then we talked about who all of this stuff belongs to–everyone in our community!  Everyone who has a library card can share everything in the library!

Then, I started storytime.  We did “This is Big, Big, Big” because, well, it’s awesome and we all love it.

Next, I read We Are in a Book! by Mo Willems.  (E WILLEMS).  I LOOOOOVE Elephant and Piggie, and I think every emergent reader should know and love them, too.








Next, we sang the ABC song.  I did this because I wanted to remind them that everything in the library is arranged alphabetically, so knowing your alphabet is important!  I told them that each book has an address, just like we do, and that’s how we know where it lives in the library.

Finally, we read Dog’s Colorful Day, by Emma Dodd.  I told the kids that, like Dog, we were going to walk around the neighborhood of the children’s department to see where all the different materials live.

Before we got started, I gave them each a white Dog necklace (modeled here with dots by the infamous Grizz).  I told them that we would collect spots at each stop on our tour.









I placed a large spot in eight areas around the children’s department.  At each spot, we talked about what was there (this one was audiobooks).  Then I asked if they had any questions and, if there were none, gave them each a spot for that particular color.  Along the way, we discussed fiction vs non-fiction and what an author does and what an illustrator does.






The necklaces were cardstock with a yarn necklace.  The spots were cut from construction paper, then stuck onto glue dots.  (The glue dots come on a sort of wax paper strip, so I just stuck the construction paper dots on top and left the other side stuck to the wax paper until the kids were ready to stick them onto their dog necklaces.)









After we collected all eight spots, the kids looked around and found books to check out.  At the circulation desk, they learned how to use the self-checkout to scan their own books.

I had a great time showing this group around!  Are you interested in a library tour for your group?  Call 759-2369 for more information.



7 thoughts on “Dog’s Colorful Day at the Library–a daycare tour

    1. I thought it was great, too! I think I mentioned in the post that the original idea is not mine, but I love the idea of centering the tour around a book. I’m looking forward to brainstorming future book-inspired tours!

  1. Hi Erin! Thanks so much for sharing your interpretation of the tour. I love the necklace idea!

    This school year we’re doing a similar thing, based on “Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons”. Depending on the average age of the kids involved, they collect four buttons that are most relevant to their age group. This change came from the last few groups I had in the spring, who seriously were mostly 18 mo. olds!

    I’m planning on doing a Pete the Cat post later this month, and hope I can link to this post!
    Sara from Bryce Don’t Play

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