Pre-K Storytime–Dogs!

Since we talked about cats last week, I thought it was only fair to talk about dogs at Pre-K this week.  I started with my dog puppet, George.  I introduced him to the kids and all of a sudden he said “Meow!”  The kids laughed like crazy and it was the perfect lead-in to my first book.

Bark, George, by Jules Feiffer. (E DOGS FEIF).  George’s mother wants nothing more than for him to bark like a normal dog.  But every time she makes this simple request, George has something else to say.  This book was such a fun read aloud–the kids couldn’t get over how funny it was that George made other animal sounds!

Ivan the Terrier, by Peter Catalanotto.  (E DOGS CATA).  Ivan is a naughty little terrier who loves to disrupt classic stories such as The Three Little Pigs and The Three Bears.  This book sort of reminded me of Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein, but, for me, it wasn’t as successful.  It started off with Billy Goats Gruff, which I think was an unfamiliar story for the kids.  They started catching on more once the book moved into familiar territory like The Three Little Pigs and The Three Bears.  This one might be better suited to one-on-one reading, and for children who are familiar with the folktales that are referenced.

Flannelboard:  BINGO–Inspiration for this one came from Miss Mary Liberry.  (I loved Mary’s idea of putting dog pictures on the other side!  I ended up deciding to use laminated cardstock instead of felt, though.  I’m mostly satisfied with it, but I only had black velcro so it’s sort of, um, unbeautiful.  Oh, well.)  We sang the song and as we omitted letters I turned them over to reveal different dogs.  Although I liked the idea of barking for the missing letters, I decided to go with clapping so that they could clearly see what I was doing and follow me more easily.

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy! by Mo Willems. (E WILLEMS).  That old pigeon always wants something, doesn’t he?  Well, this time it’s a puppy.  And he really, really, REALLY wants one.  But does Pigeon know what he’s in for?

This book, like all Pigeon books, is extremely fun to read aloud!  However, I think when I read it in the future I will somehow do a prop (a stick puppet maybe?) of a walrus in a box.  I might be wrong, but I think most of the kids didn’t really know what a walrus was (or that it was much bigger and scarier than a puppy!)

Eli, no! by Katie Kirk.  (E DOGS KIRK).  Again, this was a fourth choice that I only had time to share with the first group.  I love the colors and illustrations, as well as the simple refrain “Eli, no!”


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