Flannel Friday–Pete the Cat extension activity

I mentioned on Wednesday that I did a cat-themed storytime for Pre-K.  Of course I had to read Pete the Cat!  After we got done reading the book, I put up a flannelized Pete the Cat and basically did some flashcards with the kids.  I told them that I wondered what would happen if Pete stepped in other things–what color would his shoes be?






Closeup of flannelized Pete








I printed out clip art for grapes, grass, oranges, lemons, and a bathtub (for bubbles).  I typed the name of each item in the corresponding color.  I cut everything out and glued each set to a piece of white cardstock (about 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″)







On the other side I glued coordinating scrapbook paper.  The name of the color was also printed in the corresponding color and glued on.  Finally, I googled “shoe coloring page”, pasted the image into Microsoft Word, sized it up, and printed out five copies.  I colored each of them with markers, cut them out,  then glued them to their cards.






For the “Bubbles” card, I took the extra step of gluing some cotton into the bathtub, the putting down more white glue and sprinkling iridescent glue on top.  Then I “laminated” all of the cards using clear contact paper.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter what order you use them in, but I made sure to put the bubbles last so that Pete’s shoes could be white again. 🙂





Kay Leigh at Storytime ABC’s is our Flannel Friday host this week.  Happy Flannel Friday, everyone!


8 thoughts on “Flannel Friday–Pete the Cat extension activity

  1. Erin, this looks like a fun extension to Pete the Cat. I can see doing it with colors and I have a Bubbles storytime coming up. I may do this that day! Thanks for doing such a nice job with your post.

  2. I am totally making these! My Kinders LOVE Pete (who doesn’t?!) and I’m working on flannel centers they can retell with after checking out their books. Great idea to add colors!

  3. My little preschool children love Pete the Cat. This is so brilliant. I will be making my flannel board pieces this week end. I was going to begin a unit about clothing related to the fall weather changes anyway, so I will incorporate the shoes in it. Thanks for sharing.

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