Review: Good News Bad News, by Jeff Mack

Good News Bad News, by Jeff Mack.  This is a new book we have at the library and I LOVE IT!!!!  The text consists almost entirely of the title words “good news bad news”.  Rabbit is an optimist while his friend Mouse tends to be more negative.  What starts out as a picnic quickly devolves into a Murphy’s Law-style adventure that includes a worm, bees, a bear, and lightning.

The spare text and expressive illustrations leave lots of room for discussion.  My four (almost five!) year old and I talked about what was “good news” and “bad news” on each page and laughed our heads off at the illustrations.  In addition to being funny, though, this book has something more.  Through the ups and downs of “good news/bad news”, friendship and optimism shine through.  Highly recommended for ages 2 and up.

This is a special book, and I hope I never see it on the shelf (because people are checking it out constantly, of course!)

You can find Good News Bad News by Jeff Mack at the Leesburg Library under the call number E FRIENDS MACK.

Want to see other new books at the library?  Check out our Pinterest page!


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