Expand your world with World Book Web!


Did you know that the Lee County Library has a new research tool?  It’s called World Book Web, and it has something for everyone!  You can access this resource from any of the library computers or from home with your library card.  Just go to www.leecountylibrary.org and click on the World Book Web icon at the top of the page.


World Book Web has several divisions.  On the left side of the page you will see World Book Online for Kids, World Book Online Info Finder, and World Book Online Reference Center.  On the right side of the page you will see Early World of Learning.  In the center, there is a link to the Spanish encyclopedia.

Early World of Learning:  This site is designed for the youngest students.  It includes three segments: Trek’s Travels, Welcome to Reading, and Know ItTrek’s Travels (my personal favorite!) covers time, shapes, size, opposites and more with interactive games, narrated stories, and videos.  Welcome to Reading features read-a-long stories, nursery rhymes and songs, along with games and printable worksheets.  Know It is a child’s first online encyclopedia, which covers topics such as plants, animals, the human body, and weather.

World Book Online for Kids:  This site has a search window, but also has buttons on different topics for browsing.  These topics include people, places, sports & hobbies, history & government, arts, world religions, plants & animals, and science & mathematics.  On the right side are special tabs for science project ideas, games, interactive maps, dictionary, and important people.  The dictionary has a search window for looking up terms, but it also has links on the left side for lessons on grammar, parts of speech, pronunciation, and more.  The “important people” button has several different searching options: you can “Find!” someone by using the scroll down menu to choose job, country, time period, and gender of the person; you can “Search!” by entering terms into the search window, or you can “Choose!” a person by selecting a classification such as inventors, world leaders, athletes, or authors.

If you need help navigating any of these sites, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Online Tutorial” or ask a library staff member for assistance.  Check it out and see what this valuable resource has to offer!


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