Summer Readers Write Authors’ Reception


Here it is!  The seventh edition of the Lee County Library’s “Summer Readers Write” book!  We had a number of entries this year, and I loved reading every one!  We have some amazingly creative and talented kids in our community!  To honor our authors/illustrators, we had an Authors’ Reception at the Leesburg Library on Saturday.

Our special guest speaker was Ms. Crystal Barton, author of the book “Cuckoo Cocoa Kokomo”.  Ms. Barton spoke to the kids about how she got interested in writing and how she got her work published.  She also praised our authors for their hard work and courage in submitting their work for publication, and she encouraged them to keep writing.  A big thanks to Crystal Barton for coming and speaking to us!  (“Cuckoo Cocoa Kokomo” is a sweet book about a crazy but loveable dog–check it out at any of our branches!)





As the kids came in to receive a copy of their book, I asked them to autograph the Library’s two copies.  For those who haven’t picked up your book yet, they are available at the front desk in Leesburg.  While you’re here, please add your autograph to the Library’s copies!






The room was decorated with “framed” illustrations from the kids’ stories.








Before we had cake, we had the authors come up to the “stage” and share their work with us.  It was so great to see the look of pride on their faces as we listened intently and applauded them for their efforts.  It really was a job well done!









If you submitted a story for the book, please come to the Leesburg Library to claim your free copy and autograph the Library’s copies!  The books turned out great, so you will want to have one on your bookshelf!  Thanks again to Ms. Barton, and to everyone who submitted a story.  Great work, everyone!





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