Rubber Ducky Club #1

Wow!  What a great turn out for our very first-ever Rubber Ducky Club storytime!  I got to see some familiar faces from baby and preschool time, but I also got to meet some new friends!

Since summer reading is usually aimed at school-age children, the idea behind RDC is to include younger children in the fun and excitement by slightly changing the focus of the activities.  Instead of keeping track of the number of books read (something that you’re still welcome to do if you’d like), we will be tracking the completion of early literacy activities.

What is early literacy?  It’s not about trying to teach a child to learn to read independently before he or she is ready!  Research has identified six pre-reading skills that children must learn before they are ready to read.  These skills are the focus of the RDC:

1.  Narrative skills–“I can tell stories”

2.  Vocabulary–“I know words”

3.  Letter Knowledge–“I know letters”

4.  Print Awareness–“I see words”

5.  Print Motivation–“I like books”

6.  Phonological Awareness–“I hear words”

The booklet you’ll receive when you register for RDC includes six activities for June and six activities for July.  Each of these activities promotes one of the six pre-reading skills listed above.  In addition, at our semi-weekly RDC storytimes, we will highlight one of the skills.

Skill:  Narrative Skills, or “I can tell stories.”  This is exactly as it sounds–the ability to describe things and events and to tell stories.

Theme:  Time for Bed

Opening Song:  We hit our knees together

Opening Rhyme:  Two Little Dickey Birds

Opening Game:  Flannelboard Where is little moon?  Inspiration came from So Tomorrow.

BookFive in the Bed







Activity:  Put the blanket on….–Originally I was going to hand out scarves and we were going to pretend that they were blankets and put them on various body parts (feet, head, arms, etc).  However, I had more kids than scarves so I just used a scarf and asked them for suggestions about where I should put my blanket.  We decided that I just needed a bigger blanket 🙂

Rhyme/Song:  Five Little Monkeys.  We sang this one together while I used my monkey mitt.  When all the monkeys had fallen off the bed, we kissed their boo-boos and sang them a lullaby (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)






FingerplayBaby’s Nap

BookTuck Me In!










Activity:  Puppet Tuck-in.  Since today’s focus was narrative skills, I decided to use a few of my puppets to retell Tuck Me In!  I held up my elephant puppet and said “who needs to be tucked in?”  The kids responded that baby elephant did.  Then I had one of the kids come up and put a scarf over elephant.  We did that with my zebra and elephant puppets, too.  The puppets and scarves were also available during playtime.

Closing Game:  Song cube.  I made a song cube much like the one made by Mel at Mel’s Desk.  Today’s song was “I’m a Little Teapot.”

Closing Rhyme:  This is Big, Big, Big.

Closing Song:  Can you stomp with two feet?

Craft/Activity:  I printed out these figures from Tuck Me In! onto cardstock and cut them out.  The kids colored them and I taped a craft stick on the back to make a puppet.  Then they used the scarves to tuck their puppet in, just like in the story.  This activity was good to reinforce narrative skills because the kids used the puppets to retell the story.  They also got to use their fine motor skills (important foundation for learning to write!) by coloring with the crayons.

As the kids were finishing up their puppets, I pulled out my cart-o-toys and everybody played!

The next meeting of Rubber Ducky Club is Monday, June 11 at 10:00 at the Leesburg Library.  Rubber Ducky Club is sponsored by the Lee County Library and is free and open to the public.  For more information, call (229)759-2369.

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