Pre-K and Daycare visit–Frogs!

I can’t believe the school year is almost over already!  Next week will be my last visit with pre-k 😦  This week I gave them all summer reading program stickers in the hopes that they will visit me this summer!  Anyway, I started both of these storytimes by taking out my frog puppet.  I asked the kids some questions about him, like what color he is, what he says, how he moves around, and what frog babies are called.  This was the perfect lead into my first selection:





The Caterpillar and the Polliwog, by Jack Kent.  Okay, so this book is a little old (copyright 1982) and a teensy big long, but I have loved it ever since one of my professors read it to my class in library school.  Whenever I choose a book that is on the long side and sort of quiet, I do it first, when the kids are at their best listening capability.  Then, I pick extra loud and boisterous ones for the rest of the storytime (I’m sure their teachers love me for that–ha!).  Anyway, this engaging story is a good way to sneak in information about butterfly and frog life cycles, as well as conveying the ever-important message of self love and acceptance.  Love this book!






Song: Five Green and Speckled Frogs.  I found the idea and instructions for this brilliant little contraption on Mel’s Desk.  It’s made from a paper towel roll, and you can turn the tabs down every time a frog decides to jump in the pool.






The Wide-Mouthed Frog, by Keith Faulkner, Illustrated by Jonathan Lambert.  This pop-up book is storytime GOLD (In fact, I’m about to pin it onto our Pinterest board of favorite storytime books–check it out!).  The very first illustration is a great big frog with a great big fly on his great big tongue.  I used that opportunity to ask the kids why they thought a frog might need a “long, sticky tongue.”  The frog goes on to ask other animals what they like to eat, until he comes to a big green ALLIGATOR!  You should have seen the looks on the kids’ faces when that big alligator popped up!  This book is hilarious, and I got multiple requests to read it again!





Flannelboard: My Froggy Valentine, by Matt Novak.  I only did this at my daycare visit, because I already did it for pre-k for Valentine’s Day.  The Daycare group loved it every bit as much as the other groups did.  I even got applause! 🙂






Jump! by Scott M. Fischer.  The concept of this story is pretty simple–the bug sleeps until he sees a frog and then he JUMPS!  The frog sleeps until he sees a cat and then he JUMPS!  I had the groups stand up and jump when the story said to, and boy, did they love that!  It was a little chaotic, but very FUN.  The only complaint I have about the story is that it is sort of anti-climactic.  We jumped a bunch of times and then the last two spreads don’t really have any words on them.  I ended by saying “let’s jump one last time on the count of three–1, 2, 3 JUMP!”  They seemed pretty satisfied with that.





With the daycare group, I opened with “We hit our knees together” and “This is Big, Big, Big”, then closed with “My hands say thank you,” like we always do.









2 thoughts on “Pre-K and Daycare visit–Frogs!

  1. Awesome book selections! And I love your frog puppet. :o)

    Would you want to link your post to the Frog ABC’S Blog Hop? I think you have shared some awesome ideas for how to engage the children with the books. Excellent job! I hope you will linkup.

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