Crafternoon–flowers and butterflies


After last week’s glue-intensive Easter eggs and baskets, I was looking for a springy, yet glueless, craft for this week.  Watch this video for detailed instructions on how to make these cute tissue paper flowers.  For the butterflies, just take three squares of tissue paper, pinch them in the middle like a hairbow, then wrap a pipe cleaner around the middle and twist at the top for antennae.  I also provided ribbons for the kids to tie together their bouquets.

What you need:

Tissue paper, cut into squares of roughly the same size

Green pipe cleaners


What to do:

1.  Place four tissue paper squares in a pile.

2.  Fold the squares like a fan.

3.  Cut the ends off of each side–you can use a rounded edge or a point.

4.  In the middle, cut a small slit.  This is where your pipe cleaner stem will be attached.

5.  Loop the pipe cleaner around the middle and twist it around the longer end several times.

6.  Separate the paper so that it looks like flower petals.

Again, if these directions are unclear, I encourage you to view the video link above.

7.  Make several flowers and tie them together into a bouquet using ribbon.  Or, you could make a vase out of a cardboard tube (from paper towels or toilet paper).

8.  Save your scraps–I love gluing bits of tissue paper onto a picture for a collage effect!


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