Crafternoon–Easter Baskets


We had an amazing turnout for this week’s crafternoon, probably thanks to spring break! I didn’t get this idea from any particular source, though I’m sure some crafty, paper-plate-loving soul like myself has done it before.






What you need:

1 dinner size paper plate, cut in half

hole punch

white glue



pipe cleaners

egg template (here’s the one I used), printed on cardstock

markers/crayons/colored pencils/paint

glitter glue, bling, tissue paper squares, stickers, other stuff to decorate the eggs with

Easter grass (or shredded up paper, preferably colorful)

What to do:

1.  Staple the paper plate halves together using about 5 staples.

2.  Determine which side will be the back.  Punch a hole in either side of that paper plate half (this is where you will attach the ends of the pipe cleaner handle)

3.  Thread one end of a pipe cleaner into one of the holes and twist to secure it.  Reach the other end to the other hole and do the same thing.  You should have a handle.  Try twisting two pipe cleaners together for a thicker and more colorful handle.

4.  Decorate the front of your basket as desired.

5.  Apply a line of glue onto the inside of the front paper plate.  Press some Easter grass into the glue.

6.  Draw some Easter egg shapes or print out template on cardstock.  Cut them out and decorate as desired.  (I loved doing a collage on one of mine with the cut up tissue paper squares).

7.  Glue the eggs onto the inside of the back paper plate.  This will give the look of eggs sitting in the basket.

This is my favorite kind of craft to give my crafternoon kids.  I supply the materials and the general idea, and they let their imaginations run wild.  I absolutely love seeing what these amazingly creative kids come up with!



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