Dr. Seuss Party Part Deux–Crafts


As you may have already read here, we had a Dr. Seuss birthday party at the library on Tuesday.  Yesterday I talked about the games, so today I’ll talk about the crafts we did.  (Here’s a picture of the cake, by the way!)

Make your own wocket in a pocket–I got the idea for this craft from Sewing School (to see the picture you’ll have to scroll down to almost the bottom of the page).  We used large craft sticks, pipe cleaners, pom poms, and wiggle eyes to create our wockets.  The pockets are cut from construction paper.

Design your own Seuss hat–I got the template for this one here.  The kids just cut them out and decorated them however they wanted.  Then they stapled them to a black headband cut from construction paper.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Make a Lorax moustache–The inspiration and moustache template came from this website.  The original was much larger, involved sewing, and was affixed to a wooden dowel.  I adapted it to better suit my craft crowd by making it smaller (reduced the original template using the copy machine), made it from cardstock, and attached it to a small craft stick.  We also glued on yarn to add dimension.  The result was kid-sized and adorable!  The one pictured was made by my four-year-old, who has an affinity for pom poms.

When the kids were finished with their Lorax craft, I encouraged the parents to take pictures with the Truffula trees I had previously made.  The trees aren’t too sturdy on their own, so I tied them to our puppet stage with twine.  The background is painted paper and the “grass” consists of two of our puzzle piece tiles from storytime.

As a party favor, we gave out mini “All About Me” booklets and Dr. Seuss bookmarks to color.

We had a wonderful time!  Thanks to everyone who came, and a special thanks to those who volunteered!  If anyone has any pictures they’d like to share, please feel free to link to them on the library’s Facebook page or email them to me and I can make a slideshow.  Please leave comments and suggestions here.


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