Dr. Seuss Birthday Party!

I’m sorry that the blog has been a little quiet lately, but we had a BIG event yesterday!  We had an absolutely wonderful turnout for our Dr. Seuss birthday party!  Thanks to everyone who came!

We had the party during our regular Crafternoon time–about 3:00 to 4:30.  We pulled out the popcorn machine and had birthday cake.  To drink, we had the Yink’s pink ink (aka pink lemonade).  I apologize for missing the photo opportunity of having a kid drink it while winking! 🙂

Here’s a broad view snapshot of what the party looked like:

On the left side of the room we had games: Horton Hears a Butterfly (Elefun), Pin the Star on the Sneetch, One Fish Two Fish…Goldfish?, and Ring the Gack.

On the right side we had crafts:  Make your own wocket in a pocket, Design your own Seuss hat, and Make a Lorax moustache.  At the far end of the room next to the window was a Truffula forest photo opportunity.  I encouraged parents to have their child pose there with their Lorax moustache.

For each game and craft I made a sign that featured the inspiration character.  We posted these over each station.




The Games:

Horton Hears a Butterfly–This was just a boxed game called Elefun.  I noticed, however, that the elephant is blue like Horton, so it seemed like a perfect fit.  The kids were in LOVE.  It’s this little elephant with a fan inside and a long trunk that blows up like a windsock when the fan is on.  You put these little butterflies inside and when the fan is on the come out of the trunk.  The kids then catch them (or pick them up off the floor) and put them in their nets.

Pin the Star on the Sneetch

My wonderful and talented husband drew this on primed posterboard, and we painted it with yellow acrylic paint.  Then he went back over the details with a black marker.  I picked up the package of stars at Michael’s for $0.99.  They are self-stick felt.  Next time I might do something where the kids can write their names on their stars.  As you see, our Sneetch is proudly displayed at the end of a bookshelf now.  The best part is that one of our friends at the high school media center generously agreed to laminate him for us so that we can use him in the future!








This is my daughter at our One Fish Two Fish…Goldfish? Game.  This was a traditional fishing game.  Our sweet teen volunteer sat behind a curtain (okay, swam–she told the kids she was a scuba diver!) while the kids used a fishing pole with a clothespin on the end.  After a few tugs on the line, they pulled back…a ziploc bag filled with Goldfish crackers!  We pinned ocean themed finger puppets onto the blue fabric to enhance the atmosphere.








Ever since I saw it in One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, I thought Ring the Gack would be a superfun game to play.  But let me tell you, I had to use my imagination for this one.  I started with one of our kid-sized chairs.  I turned it with the back facing me and covered it with a piece of beige fabric.  I scanned the picture of the Gack into Microsoft Word, then cropped his face and made it larger.  Then I printed it out onto a piece of cream colored cardstock and cut it out.  I made a black pom pom with yarn and hot glued it to the cardstock for hair.  I printed out a “GACK” sign and tied it around the whole thing using red yarn.  The antlers are wooden dowels painted yellow and stuck into two blocks of styrofoam.  The smaller dowels are affixed to the larger ones with yellow duct tape.  The rings are made with pipe cleaners.  I formed two pipe cleaners into a circle, then wove another color around to give it more weight and additoinal color.  Then, I wrapped the whole thing with pieces of clear packing tape, so that the wires wouldn’t stick anyone.





This is getting a little long, so I’ll post tomorrow about the crafts and Truffula Forest!


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