Flannel Friday (or not)–Max Cleans Up prop


As you might have already seen, I did a Clean Up storytime earlier this week.  I promised more deets about my Max prop, so here they are!

I have always liked Max Cleans Up by Rosemary Wells.  I have long cherished the idea of making it into a flannelboard but never could figure it out.  Then, one day I saw my daughter’s stuffed Max and inspiration struck!





I originally considered trying to fit everything into his existing pocket, but I knew this wouldn’t work.  For one thing, I wanted to use mixed media (not just flat designs on paper), and for another, in order to make them all fit I would have to make them extremely small.  Sooo….






I cut a pocket shape out of flannel and attached velcro to the back.  You could hot glue it if you wanted a permanent solution, but I promised my daughter that no Maxes would be harmed during my storytime antics, so velcro it had to be.






For those who aren’t familiar with the story, Ruby is trying to get Max to clean up his room.  However, each time she tries to get him to throw something away, he tucks it away in his pocket. In order of appearance (and pocket storage):

Dirt: I scanned the page of the book with dirt on it, and cropped the dirt out.  I glued it to cardstock and laminated it with contact paper.

Miracle Bubbles: The bottle is yellow fun foam with a white paper label glued on.  Bubbles are orange fun foam glued to an orange scrap of cardstock.

Ants:  Scanned from the book and cropped in the same way as the dirt

Easter egg: Cardstock cut into the shape of an egg and decorated with markers.  Laminated with clear contact paper.

Popsicle: Green cardstock taped onto a bit of a wood stick

Quack Quack duck:  Two yellow pompoms hot glued together.  Wiggle eyes hot glued (carefully!) and scrap of orange felt for beak

Gum on a string: A circle of dark pink cardstock taped to a blue piece of string

Here’s the final product!  I had Max sitting on a table next to me.  It took a little bit of maneuvering to hold the book and put the items into the pocket, but it was worth it.  I think the kids really enjoyed it, and it added a little something extra to the story.  I LOVE MAX!!!!!


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  2. “Everything!” said Max.

    I love “everything” about your “not” flannel contribution. But I especially ❤ Quack Quack duck!

    Using props to help tell a story is so much fun and you did an exceptional job on creating your props from so many different mediums.


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  4. I am so excited to use this. I know the kids will love the concept of tucking everything in the pocket. We have a poster-sized Max we made for a “Pin the tail on Max” game. He is going to get a new pocket and some velcro so I can attach him to the flannel board. Thanks again!

    • What a great idea! I would love to see pictures of that! One drawback of my Max was his size. I worried that the kids in some of my larger groups weren’t able to see what I was doing, but they seemed to enjoy it anyway.

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