Preschool Storytime–Clean Up!

Opening Song–We Hit the Floor Together

Opening Rhyme–This is Big, Big, Big

Max Cleans Up, by Rosemary Wells.  Have I ever told y’all how much I LOVE Max and Ruby?  Really.  Love.  Them.  In fact, my daughter had a Max and Ruby party for her third birthday.  Max’s sister Ruby decides it is time for Max to clean up his messy room.  But every time she tries to throw something away, Max stores it safely in his pocket.

We have had this book at my house for a long time, and my daughter has always loved it.  Even before I became a children’s librarian, I always thought it would be fun to do it as a flannelboard and really put things in his pocket.  I never was able to figure out the logistics of a flannelboard, but one day it suddenly occurred to me to use our Max stuffed animal.  The existing pocket was too small, so I had to cut a pocket shape out of felt and attach it with velcro.  For more details, see my post about the Max Cleans Up prop here.

I thought this would flow perfectly into our next activity, which was the clean up game.  I got this idea from Mel’s Desk, and it worked like a charm.  The kids loved playing it!

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, Written by Eric Litwin and Illustrated by James Dean.  Pete the Cat just loves his new white shoes.  He loves them so much that he goes around singing a song about them until…they aren’t white anymore!  This story is so much fun to read aloud, and it even has its own song!  If you aren’t sure how to sing Pete’s song, listen to Eric Litwin tell the story and sing the song here (click on “Live telling at book release!” on the menu on the left side).  This book is fun and incorporates colors and predicting what will happen next, not to mention its great, optimistic message.

Flannel story: Mrs. Wishy Washy.  I got this idea from Storytiming.  I think it’s just brilliant to do these double-sided.  Get the pattern here.

This is a fun story to tell.  We don’t have the book, so I had to wing it a bit based on what I was able to find online.  The cow, pig, and duck live on Mrs. Wishy Washy’s farm.  There is a lovely mud puddle that they play in and get dirty.  When Mrs. Wishy Washy sees them, she goes to get her big tub of water and soap to “wishy washy” them all clean again.  She gets tired (because lifting a cow into a tub isn’t an easy thing to do!) and goes back to the house for some tea.  But as soon as she leaves…they jump right back into that mud puddle!

Harry the Dirty Dog, Written by Gene Zion and Illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham.  Harry is a talented dog who is white with black spots.  He loves lots of things, but NOT taking baths!  One day, with bath-time looming, Harry decides to run away.  He plays and plays and gets so dirty that he looks like a black dog with white spots!  In fact, when he finally decides to return home, his family does not recognize him, even though he can still do all of his clever tricks.  It seems hopeless until Harry runs to get the scrub brush he has hidden in the back yard…

I introduced this story with our black and white spotted dog.  I had him do a few tricks and a little singing and barking.

Since we had a relatively small group today, I was able to pass out scarves and we sang “This is the way we wash our hands”.  Then we listened to John Lithgow’s Singing in the Bathtub while I tried to blow bubbles.  For some reason I didn’t have much luck with the bubbles, but the kids loved it!  Maybe this is something we can incorporate every week.

Finally, we closed with My Hands Say Thank You and had some playtime with our toys.

4 thoughts on “Preschool Storytime–Clean Up!

  1. Another fun song for messy/clean storytimes is “I Took a Bath in the Washing Machine” by Jim Gill. (I always say… but don’t try this at home!) So you twist around a bit, then mom pours in the soap (I pull out bubbles and also hand out small bottles to the caregivers), then we play in the suds, and then spin dry. So much giggling!

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